27 November 2019

 If ever the people of Rockingham, from Singleton to Golden Bay, Secret Harbour, Baldivis, Port Kennedy and Warnbro needed any reminding that the Liberal Party of this country and the Morrison Liberal government do not care about them, just have a look at the recent infrastructure announcements. There was not a single federal government cent for any infrastructure in Brand. Not a single cent. And that's not the worst of it. They've given us less than nothing by seeking to pork-barrel a Liberal-held seat in Western Australia. They have blackmailed and bullied the state Labor government into delaying its long-promised Karnup train station in favour of the Lakelands train station. So not only do we not get a single Liberal government cent, we get less than nothing because now we have lost the Karnup train station as well. Thank you for less than nothing, Mr Morrison.

Labor supports the move to bring infrastructure projects forward. It is important; it will create jobs and it will help the economy those opposite are intending to wreck. But the people around Karnup, who this station would serve, are very angry and they rightly should be. This was a long-term plan for a large train station that would service people across the electorate, including the people of Lakelands. The Liberals do not care about the people of Brand. There have been two consecutive elections and not a single commitment to the communities of Brand. I've had a gutful of this Liberal government treating the people of my community like absolute rubbish. They should be ashamed of themselves.