12 September 2019

As you well know, Speaker, September is footy finals time—unless, of course, like me, you support the Fremantle Football Club and will have to wait for next year! But I know our time will come. But, lucky for me, I do have a footy team in finals, and that's the Rockingham Rams—the years 11 and 12 girls team. They're going to be taking on the Baldivis Brumbies in the grand final down at Warnbro oval at the Warnbro Community Recreation Centre in my electorate. Kick-off tomorrow night is at 6.30 pm. It might be Friday the 13th tomorrow, but I'm feeling lucky, and I'm looking forward to returning to the House next week to deliver to all members news that the Rockingham Rams young women's team has brought home victory against the Baldivis Brumbies. It's been great watching this team go from strength to strength over the years under the leadership of Allan Godfrey and others at the club. It's so great to have so many young women participating in a sport that I wish I'd been able to play as a young girl. That sport wasn't available to us then, but it's so good that it is available to young women in my electorate and around the country now.

The girls have done well, and the boys have also kept up their end of the bargain. The Rockingham Rams will be playing in the year 8 boys' grand final down at Rushton Park in Mandurah, and the men's Colts, Reserves and League teams will all play in grand finals on 21 September. So it's going to be a big weekend for the Rockingham Rams, and I urge all Rockingham residents, if you're into the footy, get down and watch a good game. You won't be able to go for freeo, but go Rocko!