09 September 2019

 I would like to congratulate Mr Aaron Young, the Principal of Hillman Primary School, within my electorate of Brand, for being chosen by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority to showcase how the school is developing and implementing career education initiatives with a focus on general capabilities, such as 21st century skills. The program was established at Hillman Primary School to enhance the personal and career development of students, with the aim of showcasing career opportunities to inspire students and broaden their thinking—in particular, their thinking around choices of careers—and encouraging a positive and constructive community engagement so the whole community around the school can work together to maximise student learning outcomes.

The 21st century skills program of Hillman Primary provides strategies that help vulnerable students understand how their current educational and personal choices will affect their future life roles. Activities within the program include workplace visits—companies and other organisations host students to inspire interest—a large career expo where businesses and industry showcase their career opportunities, and family career trees where students interview family members about their career choices and career histories. They also have vision boards where students identify and plan for their future careers. It's very forward looking for primary school students. This year's Hillman Primary School's expo was an extraordinary success. They had 22 activities and exhibits for students. I'd like to congratulate Mr Young and all the teachers at Hillman Primary School for the wonderful work they do in our community.