13 May 2020

I would like to put on the record of the Parliament of Australia my sincere thanks to the community of Western Australia and, in particular, my constituents in the electorate of Brand. They have observed the social-distancing rules and restrictions that have been placed on our everyday lives. Following these rules has saved lives and kept our community healthy.

The city of Rockingham has the most beautiful beaches in the world, yet, on the hottest days in recent months, we didn't overcrowd those beaches. People did the right thing by each other. They went to the beach and went for a walk or a swim, and then they went home. Because of this, there was no inkling of the overcrowding we have seen elsewhere. Our beaches from Singleton and Golden Bay in the south up to Kwinana Beach in the north are still open, and we continue to enjoy them for what is left of the most beautiful Western Australian summer and autumn.

The community has supported vulnerable people that need our help during these community restriction times. I thank the people of Brand for the wonderful community spirit that has seen us through this crisis and will continue to see us through this crisis. Many have lost their jobs. Businesses have closed, and some, sadly, will never reopen. Some jobs will never come back. Many people will struggle for a long time to come as our devastated economy is rebuilt. So that community spirit we've seen across Rockingham and Kwinana will be called upon again and again for a long time in the future to help those who need our support.

I'd also like to thank the staff of the local government authorities: the City of Kwinana and the City of Rockingham. Both city councils and all the workers have been remarkable in this time of hardship. Many have lost their jobs, unfortunately, because local governments weren't supported through JobKeeper. But, nonetheless, I know the city councils are doing their best to keep these people together. In particular, there is Mayor Carol Adams and new CEO Wayne Jack from Kwinana. Wayne himself was in the process of moving with his family from New Zealand when this happened, but he soldiered on and did get here even with all the restrictions and quarantines, which were, of course, observed. Thanks also to Rockingham Mayor Barry Samuels, to CEO Michael Parker and to Emily Chandler, Karen Lee and Tony Solin at the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce.

I'd also like to sincerely thank the staff of all the electorate offices, state and federal, around the country. I thank the staff of ministers and shadow ministers who have helped my office to resolve some very desperate situations that have emerged and continue to emerge through the COVID-19 restrictions. In particular, I'd like to thank my staff: Jacinta Pember, who has coordinated with great patience, effort and diligence all our constituent enquiries; Kate Gurbiel; Rex Tion; Ryan Pavlinovich; Georgia Tree; and Andrew Burrell.

A division having been called in the House of Representatives—

Sitting suspended from 10:11 to 10:21

MADELEINE KING MP: My staff, like so many around the country, have shown a deep commitment to our constituents and the people of Brand, and I'd like to thank them most sincerely on behalf of the whole community