27 February 2017

Local Member of Federal Parliament Madeleine King has called for the Perth Freight Link to be cancelled saying revelations that no planning has been done on how traffic would actually reach Fremantle Port should be the end  for the dud project.

Ms King has called on the Federal Government to instead invest the $1.2 billion of Commonwealth funding allocated to the PFL project on infrastructure projects that would advance WA’s economic future.

“In Senate Estimates today we heard from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development that no proposal has been put to the department to show how traffic would get from the end of the PFL to Fremantle Port,” Ms King said.  

“Despite its billion dollar price tag this road to nowhere stops 3km from its destination and today’s revelations go to show the lack of planning behind the project.

“This cobbled together deal between former PM Abbot and Colin Barnett is a ridiculous, wasteful and stupid use of taxpayers’ money and instead the Government should be investing in a worthwhile project like the Kwinana Outer Harbour.”

Ms King said the Kwinana Outer Harbour project would create an estimated 25,000 direct new jobs and would support WA economy long into the future.

“We need properly planned infrastructure that will actually deliver for our economic future and an Outer Harbour at Kwinana would do just that,” Ms King said.

“Responsible investment in infrastructure needs careful planning and should demonstrate an economic benefit. By all accounts the PFL fails both these standards and should be scrapped.”