19 May 2017

Shadow Minister for the Digital Economy Ed Husic and Brand MP Madeleine King paid a visit to co-working space The Lab Factory this week, to see how innovative businesses are overcoming the Turnbull Government’s failure to invest in the jobs of the future.

Last year the Prime Minister told Australia it was an exciting time to be alive, but this year there is little in the way of support for entrepreneurs and innovators in regional Western Australia.

“The Lab Factory is an example of how regional businesses are innovating and driving commerce in local economies as the economy changes,” Mr Husic said.

“It’s a pity the Turnbull Government has forgotten how important it is to support entrepreneurs – they’ve turned their back on innovation in Australia. They should be supporting outer metropolitan efforts to help new enterprises emerge and succeed.”

Ms King said her electorate of Brand was being buffeted by the changing economy as the mining boom ends, but the bright hope was local businesses innovating.

“People across the cities of Rockingham and Kwinana are struggling to find work with the end of the mining boom hurting the local economy,” Ms King said.

“We need to look beyond the jobs of the past if we are to find jobs for the future, and that means embracing innovative projects like the Lab Factory.

“The Lab Factory team, Donna, Diana and Kate, are creating a dynamic and unique workspace that is allowing a mix of businesses, from start-up to established, to collaborate, share and innovate.

“From this hub, opportunities will develop which will in turn help the local economy.”

Mr Husic called on the Turnbull Government to do more to assist innovative projects.

“In the 2017 Budget we’ve seen the Turnbull Government pull the handbrake on regional incubator funding. They’re going in the opposite direction to what regions like Rockingham and Kwinana need,” he said.

“New startup communities have popped up right across as locals do the hard work of transitioning and adapting to the future of work.

“Given the waves of automation coming and the ongoing transition away from a mining-dominant economy, the Turnbull Government must do more to embrace these efforts to create new and sustainable jobs.”