14 June 2017

On 1 July millionaires will get a massive $16,400 tax cut from the Liberal Government while the very next day ordinary workers will have their penalty rates slashed.

Local Member of Federal Parliament Madeleine King said Prime Minister Turnbull had the chance to support local workers but instead chose to watch as their wages are cut.

“The Liberals squandered the mining boom here in WA and have no plan for jobs,” Ms King said.

“What they are doing though is attacking the penalty rates of one in seven local workers who work in retail and hospitality.

“Labor has put a Bill to the Parliament that would make sure no worker’s take-home pay is reduced but the Government refuses to support it.

“How out of touch is this Government from ordinary working Australians?”

Ms King said workers across the cities of Rockingham and Kwinana needed a pay rise, not a pay cut, to deal with cost of living pressures.

“People can contact my office to register how these cuts will affect them and their families as I continue to fight this disgraceful decision by the Government.”