15 May 2018

Labor is driving a better deal to put more money back into the pockets of car owners and give independent repairers a boost – with a plan to make car manufacturers share their technical information so that vehicles can be serviced by any mechanic.

At the moment independent mechanics are being forced out of business because car manufacturers own and control the technical information needed to complete many aspects of car repairs or services.

Local Member of Federal Parliament Madeleine King said this meant that car owners have limited options when it comes to choosing where they will get their car serviced and the lack of competition pushes up prices.

“I have met with Ian Daniel, who owns ID Automotive Repairs in Port Kennedy and he has told me how experienced skilled independent mechanics are losing out on work because of the issues around accessing digital information from car manufacturers,” Ms King said.

“Labor will require car manufacturers to share technical information with independent mechanics on commercially fair and reasonable terms, which will create a level playing field for independent mechanics and will deliver choice to car owners.”

Five months ago the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission backed Labor’s recommendations to ensure Australia’s new car retailing industry isn’t shutting out independent mechanics and forcing up prices for motorists.