31 January 2024

Federal Member for Brand Madeleine King MP has celebrated the Albanese and Cook Governments commitment to increasing funding for all public schools in Brand, in a landmark agreement aimed at lifting up the most disadvantaged schools.

The Australian and Western Australian Governments signed a Statement of Intent to increase funding for all public schools in Western Australia and Brand from 95 per cent of the School Resourcing Standard (SRS) to 100 per cent by 2026.

Under the agreement, the Albanese Government will commit an additional $777.4 million in Western Australian public schools from 2025 to 2029.

The Cook State Government has committed to investing at least an equivalent amount over this period, bringing total additional investment in public schools to $1.6 billion.

Currently, the Commonwealth provides 20 per cent of the funding for public schools.

This will now increase to 21.25 per cent in 2025 and to 22.5 per cent in 2026 in Western Australia.

The Western Australian Government, as the primary funders of WA public schools, will contribute 77.5 per cent of the funding.

The Statement of Intent provides a basis for the negotiation of the next National School Reform Agreement and associated bilateral agreement, which will tie funding to reforms that will help students catch up, keep up and finish school.

Thanks to the Liberals and Nationals our public schools were left in a terrible state.

Until now, no public school in Australia, except for schools in the ACT, has been at the full and fair funding level.

The Albanese Government is committed to working with all states and territories to get all public schools on a path to 100 per cent of the SRS.

Madeleine King, Federal Member for Brand, said the funding would improve local schools and boost outcomes for students. Madeleine King is also the Federal Resources Minister and Minister for Northern Australia.

“I passionately believe a good education is key to success in life,” Minister King said.

“I am forever grateful for education I got from my teachers at Safety Bay Primary School, Rockingham Beach Primary School and Safety Bay Senior High School.”

“Every school student in our community deserves access to a quality education, but only Labor is committed to properly funding our schools.”