17 February 2017

Local Member of Federal Parliament Madeleine King MP has slammed the Liberals’ plan to introduce $100,000 university degrees and has started a petition for people to send a message to the Government.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal Government’s plan to saddle students with $100,000 of uni debt means local kids would miss out on going to university,” Ms King said.

“Local families are struggling enough without having to face paying $100,000 or having their sons and daughters miss out on an university education, or their children leaving university with a massive financial burden.”

Ms King said leaving university with a $100,000 debt would hit local people hard and would put many off accepting a hard-won place at university. 

“It is disgraceful that a person’s bank balance should determine if they get into uni, and not their hard work and ability,” she said.

“University graduates are vital to developing the industries of the future. What this plan does is immediately favour those students who can afford to pay these extortionate fees and leave those who cannot locked out of many professions.” 

Ms King said the Liberal Government wanted to burden young people with a $100,000 debt to go to uni, while they cut tax for big business and the banks.

“This Liberal Government is completely out of touch with what is important. People can sign the petition in my office or online at alp.org.au/no100kdegrees.” 

Ms King’s office is located at 1/15 Kent Street in Rockingham.