17 August 2016

In the aftermath of the Liberal Government’s botched 2016 Census local Federal Member of Parliament, Madeleine King, is calling for assurances that local infrastructure and services in Kwinana and Rockingham will not be undermined by the chaos surrounding the collection of information.

Ms King said Government confusion and mismanagement on Census night could lead to distorted figures being used in planning for crucial services including childcare, hospitals and schools.

“The information collected from the Census is used to support planning and policy in our community,” Ms King said.

“Every five years this information is collected to ensure crucial funding is distributed and vital services are planned for the community. I am concerned the debacle surrounding this year’s Census could lead to Rockingham and Kwinana being short-changed if there has been a failure to collect everyone’s information.”

Ms King supports Federal Labor’s call for an independent Senate inquiry to investigate the way in which the Government botched the Census, from communication to delivery.

“That inquiry should be asking why the Government ignored their responsibilities to oversee preparations for the Census,” Ms King said.

”The inquiry should ask whether the funding and resources the successive Liberal Governments stripped from the Bureau of Statistics impacted the delivery of the Census.

“Rather than pointing the finger, the Government needs to start answering some questions and providing assurance that local planning and services won’t be undermined by this failed Census.”

Ms King encouraged all Australians to fill in the Census, either online or by phoning 1300 214 531 to order a paper copy.