22 August 2018

Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s Liberal partyroom stoush, Western Australia will lose out with its GST future up in the air.

The uncertainty and turmoil in the Liberal Party means that the Turnbull Government promised boost to WA’s GST share is no longer guaranteed – and this will not be resolved by tomorrow’s vote.

Senator Cormann is just one of the Western Australian Liberals abandoning their GST deal by supporting Queenslander Peter Dutton. Michaelia Cash, Andrew Hastie, and Ben Morton have also all indicated they support Peter Dutton as Prime Minister, a man who will scuttle a fair share of GST for WA.

And even if Scott Morrison wins out, we all know he does not have a united partyroom behind him to deliver on Turnbull Government promises.

A Shorten Labor Government will deliver a fair share of the GST for Western Australia by locking in a 75 cent floor, written in law.

We support strongly a floor for GST distribution of 70 cents and then 75 cents. We've made that clear for some time now.

The people of Western Australia can be assured that Labor supports a floor for their GST distribution because we called for it, because it's our policy.