24 August 2018

The Liberals’ leadership turmoil has demonstrated how precarious WA’s GST deal is with the Liberals.

For years WA has been getting a raw deal on GST and what the last 24 hours has shown is that nothing is guaranteed with this Government.

The leader might have changed but the poison remains.

Labor is a stable and united team that is 100 per cent focused on delivering for the Australian people – not on ourselves.

A Shorten Labor Government will deliver a fair share of the GST for Western Australia by locking in a 75 cent floor, written in law.

We support strongly a floor for GST distribution of 70 cents and then 75 cents. We've made that clear for some time now.

The people of Western Australia can be assured that Labor supports a floor for their GST distribution because we called for it, because it's our policy.

  • Unlike the implosion we have just seen in the Liberal leadership, our leadership is stable.
  • Unlike the Liberals’ personal power plays, we have robust rules that ensure the stability of our leadership.

We are working hard on our plan to deliver a fair go for all Australians – by protecting Medicare, stopping the Liberals’ cuts to hospitals, fully funding our schools and restoring penalty rates.