04 September 2018

The CCIWA is a great advocate for Western Australia and they have rightly been concerned with the issue of the GST share for WA for many years. Their contribution to this debate has been substantial.

It is important to note that the States haven’t even been provided with the final of agreement or architecture or guarantees the additional GST funding, so in lieu of that, why would Labor sign up to the deal sight unseen?

Labor understands that the States are seeking more information from the Commonwealth on the proposed deal, so it’s only fair that we let that process continue to its conclusion.

Labor cannot sign up to any plan without of seeing all of the information. To do so would be irresponsible.

Bill Shorten announced on Wednesday that Labor will legislate, within 100 days, a new GST floor for WA applying from 2019-20 of 70c and to increase that to 75c in 2024-25.

That is the same promise as the Coalition in its 5 July media announcement – except ours is cemented in law.

We’ve also been clear that we are broadly supportive of the Government’s proposal  to change the GST distribution formula.  However, we need to see more details, in particular that it won’t leave smaller states worse off. And we want to see guarantees from the Government that the extra payments from the Commonwealth into the GST revenue pool are protected and not subject to the sort of cuts we saw from Liberal Party in 2014.

Labor wants to see a genuine solution and will have more to say on a response when we see the details for consideration at COAG this year.

Legislating the floor will give all states and territories certainty into the future. WA has been getting a raw deal – and West Australians deserve to know the floor is locked in.