03 September 2018

The Morrison Government must act swiftly to reassure consumers about huge honey imports into Australia.

As supermarket chains like Aldi remove import-based honey from their shelves, the government must urgently review the Australian standard being used to detect fake honey additives such as rice and beet syrups.

This follows the joint inquiry by Fairfax Media and the ABC’s 7:30 which found that 12 of 28 samples tested by an international laboratory were adulterated and were mixed with other substances.

The laboratory used a test known as nuclear molecular resolution (NMR) which is detects impurities such as added syrups. The same samples were then tested using the official Australian test called C4 – and all passed.

It is extremely worrying that Australian consumers are being put at risk, particularly with reports that international fraudsters produce the fake honey and sell it to unsuspecting suppliers for huge profits.

As well as misleading Australian consumers, it is a dangerous form of honey laundering that could damage the integrity and reputation of the Australia’s honey industry - regarded as one of the best in the world.