29 August 2018

Scott Morrison’s Government has again put consumers last by cancelling Friday’s long-scheduled meeting of Australian and New Zealand consumer affairs and fair trading ministers – the Consumer Affairs Forum.

It follows the departure from Ministry of Michael Sukkar, who while a Turnbull minister was also one of Peter Dutton’s chief numbers men plotting against his own Prime Minister.

Mr Sukkar had responsibility for consumer affairs. He was the champion of payday lenders; protecting unscrupulous operators and resisting the government’s own advice.

Ministers from across the country were scheduled to discuss and vote upon imperative reforms to the Australian Consumer Law, including implementing important safety provisions and cracking down on ticket scalping and exorbitant reselling.

Mr Sukkar was too busy trying to roll the prime minister and promote his buddy Peter Dutton than to do his job and protect Australian consumers.

And now Stuart Roberts, also running a protection racket around shonky payday lenders and rent-to-buy merchants has cancelled the forum altogether.

The way the ACL operates is that to create change in the legislation, agreement has to be made between the government and the states – hence the forum.

It’s not just a talk fest – this forum is the machine room for the significant legislative agenda for consumer affairs and protection matters.

This government is failing Australian consumers.