30 October 2020

The closure of BP oil refinery in Kwinana is a devastating blow.

The closure of BP oil refinery in Kwinana is a devastating blow.

It is devastating for the 600 skilled workers set to lose their jobs in my electorate of Brand, and who were today blindsided today by this announcement.

It is devastating for the fuel security position of Australia and Western Australia.

And it’s devastating for Australia’s fuel refining capability.

This is another 600 jobs lost under the watch of Morrison Government, in the middle of a devastating recession.

It is another major setback for Australia’s sovereign capability.

The BP oil refinery in Kwinana has driven the WA economy since it began operations in the 1950s.

Generations of local workers have supported their families as they supported the operation of one of the most important industrial capabilities a nation can have.

My father worked at BP from the start, in the laboratory on night shift for years, to give our family a good life.

This has been the story for so many workers and their families in Brand.

Now that will come to an end.

The Government has failed to provide support for this extraordinarily important industry.

Scott Morrison has given up on the workers of BP and has given up on Australia’s ability to refine the fuel we all use every day.

Mr Morrison must do all he can to stop BP from closing the refinery and he must deliver on his promise that Australia will have a viable fuel refinery industry.

I support Premier Mark McGowan’s demand that BP ensure its workers at the refinery are given all the support they need to find new jobs.

I plan to meet BP, unions and workers next week to ensure that this occurs.

If the Morrison Government fails to save these jobs and this national refining capability, these workers must be given redundancy packages and assistance to find new jobs on the Kwinana strip.