27 April 2017

The Kwinana Outer Harbour is the catalyst for investment needed to generate local jobs for generations to come, Shadow Assistant Minister for Infrastructure Pat Conroy has been told by local government and industry representatives.

Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams and CEO Joanne Abbiss alongside Kwinana Industries Council Director Chris Oughton met with local Federal MP Madeleine King and Mr Conroy where the need to invest in this forward-thinking infrastructure project was discussed.

Ms King said it was important for local government and industry to raise this project’s merits after being long ignored by a government distracted by the dud Roe 8 plan, contrived by Colin Barnett and Tony Abbott.

“The Kwinana Outer Harbour has long been supported by both sides of politics and it is time for the Federal Government to listen to what WA is saying – this is a necessary infrastructure project that will deliver for the local community, the state and the country long into the future,” Ms King said.

“This world class project will not only deliver much-needed jobs but will also enable Western Australia to compete internationally which is a positive gain for the country.”

Mr Conroy said it was necessary for government to invest in the future.

“The Kwinana Outer Harbour is a long-term infrastructure project that will deliver for decades to come,” Mr Conroy said.

“It is an exciting project that looks to provide for economic growth and opportunities and the Federal Government should be looking at ways to ensure it gets underway sooner rather than later.”